How it works

We connect you to potential teachers and provide our interactive syllabus to work through with your teacher.

Alternately you may prefer to subscribe or buy the syllabus to work through at your own pace. You also have the option of using the syllabus and contacting a teacher whenever you feel you would benefit from a one to one lesson or just simply need some professional tips.

Whatever option you decide at Veevar Guitar you will an find an online community of students and teachers along with a fun an engaging syllabus helping you improve your playing

The veevar guitar story

In 2015 Adam Welch, Nick Manners and Joe Garrett joined musical forces. The goal was to recruit the most qualified guitarists to provide the highest quality guitar tuition in their home town of Milton Keynes. Within two years, 4 more teachers had joined their ranks bringing their number to 7 and they had started to reach out beyond Milton Keynes. Adam, Nick and Joe realised that a comprehensive, interactive online syllabus would be a great benefit and teaching aid for guitar teachers and students around the country. They began work and along with the contributions of fellow teachers and gifted guitarists the syllabus was completed in late 2017.


Adam is a graduate of the Musicians Institute and a guitarist with over 20 years experience having taught thousands of students of all ages and abilities. He has taught for music industry giants Marshall and Korg and played for some of the worlds biggest instrument companies, including PRS, Yamaha and Vox.


Nick is a graduate of the Academy of Contemporary Music. He is a talented guitarist/teacher and has helped many guitar students from all backgrounds reach their musical potential, teaching both privately and in primary and secondary schools. He has years of live playing experience ranging from musicals to rock bands.


Joe is also a graduate of ACM and is an experienced guitarist and teacher having taught privately and for the Yamaha Music School. Joe is also a successful songwriter and producer. He achieved a number 1 in the UK and US charts in 2016 with the Zayn Malik song Pillow Talk and works with many well known artists in the music business.